BONUS Rewards Points Program From CIB

Terms and Conditions

1. General:

1.1. BONUS Rewards points program from CIB is a bonus points scheme which rewards you with points on engaging with any of the highlighted products:

  1. Cards - All Credit & Debit Cards (except CIB-EgyptAir Miles Everywhere cards & Corporate Cards)
  2. Assets - Unsecured Personal Loans
  3. Accounts - CASA FCY/LCY ( Youth only, all segments)
  4. Internet Banking Service

1.2. You agree to participate in the program in accordance with these terms, which must be read in conjunction with the Account Opening, Debit Card, Credit Card, Loans and Internet Banking Terms and Conditions which form our banking agreement.

1.3. You will participate in the program automatically for FREE with no need for self-subscription.

1.4. You may be disqualified from participation in the program at our discretion, if we determine:

  • Your card, account or banking product has been blocked, suspended, terminated or closed;
  • You face legal proceedings or are under threat of so;
  • Any of your accounts with us are delinquent or unsatisfactorily conducted for any reason; and
  • You are or are potentially in breach of our banking agreement.

1.5. If you are disqualified from the Program in accordance with clause 1.4, all your unused points will be cancelled and no longer be available for use under the Program.

1.6. If there is any inconsistency between the terms of this Program and the Credit Card Terms, the terms of the Program prevail.

1.7. CIB is entitled, at any time and without any prior notice or liability to the subscriber in any manner whatsoever, to terminate CIB Rewards program and / or cancel and / or vary its benefits or features, and / or vary, add or delete any of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and / or withdraw or change the participants of CIB Rewards program, and / or modify or limit the value of each Reward points and / or the manner of their redemption even though any of such acts may diminish the value of the Reward points already accumulated upon the bank sole discretion without prior notice.

2. How BONUS Rewards points program works:

2.1. Cards:

2.1.1. We award you points for each [Egyptian Pound] that you spend based on the total amount of Credit Card retail transactions effected on a [daily] basis and rounded down to the nearest point.

2.1.2. We do not include the following in the computation of points:

  • Cash Advances or cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Annual fees charged for the Credit Cards
  • Interest or finance charges levied on outstanding on Credit Cards
  • Late payment and collection charges
  • Fees and charges reversed from Credit Card accounts
  • Any of the services/transactions performed on the ATMs
  • Smart Wallet transactions
  • Commercial transactions

2.1.3. To participate in the program, your Credit Card accounts must be in good standing. All benefits accrued under the program by the Primary or Supplementary Cardholder will be given to the Primary Cardholder.

2.1.4. If you are the Primary Cardholder, you will be entitled to use the points for redemption of goods and services. Your Supplementary Cardholder will not be entitled to perform the redemption.

2.1.5. Earning points on cards is as follows:

Credit Cards: Domestic and Cross Border spend have the same earnings ratio

  1. Points on POS Usage:
  • Gold Card - 1 point for every EGP 1
  • Titanium / Heya Credit Cards - 2 points for every EGP 1
  • Platinum Credit Card - 3 points for every EGP 1
  1. Sign-Up Bonus:
  • Gold Credit Cards - 10,000 points on 1st transaction in first 2 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Titanium/Heya Credit Cards - 20,000 points on 1st transaction in first 2 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Platinum Credit Card - 40,000 points on 1st transaction in first 2 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Internet Credit Cards - No sign-up bonus
  1. Spend Bonus:
  • Gold Credit Cards - 10,000 points on reaching EGP 10,000 spend in first 3 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Titanium/Heya Credit Cards - 20,000 points on reaching EGP 20,000 spend in first 3 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Platinum Credit Card - 40,000 points on reaching EGP 40,000 spend in first 3 months from card issuance date of new cards
  • Internet Credit Cards - No spend bonus

Debit Cards:

  • MasterCard /Visa Classic Debit Cards - 1 point for every EGP 1
  • MasterCard Platinum/ Titanium Debit Cards - 1.5 points for every EGP 1

2.2. Pan Bank Rewards:

2.2.1. Earning points for different products is as follows:


  • Top-up behavior rewarded for unsecured loans
  • Unsecured Loans - 5 points for 20 EGP top-up


  • Points given only to Youth on CASA (FCY/LCY)
  • One time sign up bonus given on opening a new account
  • No points for CIB Air customers
  • DDA LCY/FCY (Wealth, Plus, Mass/Express) - 3,000 points on sign up
  • SA LCY/FCY (Wealth, Plus, Mass/Express) - 12,000 points on sign up

Internet Banking Service

  • Third party transactions rewarded post launch
  • 500 points only once after 5 third party transfers

2.2.2. If you terminate any product used to calculate Rewards, you will lose gained points from the cancelled product. But you will continue to earn points normally on your any other active product, if you are still eligible to participate in the Program.

3. Redemption

3.1. If you are not making the redemption request in person, we assume that all redemption requests made electronically online are made by yourself.

3.2. We issue the gift voucher in the name and address of the primary customer. Redemption of the voucher must be made by the person named in the voucher.

3.3. We will process your redemption request within the time frame as specified on the website. The delivery of rewards vouchers or products may vary depending on the city that is stated on your address on the core banking system.

3.4. You must use the Gift Voucher in accordance with the terms stated in the voucher. You must present the original voucher and your valid national ID / Passport used for the rewards redemption to the merchant as proof of eligibility. The merchant may require you to sign on the voucher prior to redemption.

3.5. Redeemed rewards are not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances.

3.6. Once you have confirmed your redemption request, it is irrevocable and you cannot ask for a refund of the points used for the redemption, or reverse your request.

3.7. If you have to make additional payment in order to use the Rewards Voucher, you may charge the difference to your CIB Credit / Debit Card or pay difference in cash. If the value of goods and services requested through the use of the Gift Voucher is below the value stated in the Voucher, we or the merchant will not refund you with the difference.

3.8. The use of the Gift Voucher will be subject to the terms stated therein.

3.9. You will be able to redeem your points through:

  • CIB BONUS points program website (
  • CIB Call Center*

*Except for Travel redemptions which are only available through the website

3.10. Points are redeemed for:

  • Gift Vouchers that can be used at CIB participating merchants in the program
  • Cash Back on Credit Cards
  • Booking flight tickets and accommodation via online travel portal

3.11. For Cash Back redemption, it is only applicable on valid CIB credit card/s that are owned by the primary credit card holders. The customers is held liable for the accuracy of the credit card number used. In case of incorrect credit card number, the cash back request can be rejected at the bank discretion, and / or if processed the bank will not be liable for any incorrect data used by the cardholder.

3.12. Gift Vouchers expire after 4 months from voucher issuance date. Any expired vouchers will not be accepted by the participating merchants and the equivalent points redeemed against the issuance of this voucher are non-refundable

4. No liability

4.1. We are not liable for any goods or services or the quality or performance of such goods or services supplied by the participating merchant, shopping site, travel redemption site, service provider or other authorized agent under the Program. You must direct any complaints or feedback in respect of such goods and services to the respective participating merchant, provider or agent.

4.2. We are not responsible for lost/ stolen or undelivered Rewards Vouchers or any goods and services redeemed under the Program. These will not be replaced by the Bank.

5. Access

5.1. Any access that we may grant you from our Online Rewards Redemption website, or partner websites, will transport your navigation out of our sites. We are not responsible for, do not endorse, and make no representation or warranty in connection with, any hyperlinked internet sites on our website.

6. Points Expiration

6.1. All collected point will expire after 36 months from the month of gaining the points.